2022 Volunteer Form

If you are interested in being a part of the Christie Elementary PTA board during the 2022-2023 school year, please use this form to identify positions in which you are interested. Our PTA is strongest when its leaders and members reflect the diversity of their own communities. Multiple perspectives help to solve tough problems by bringing a variety of solutions to the table. Are you good with organization, communication, arts/crafts, digital media, detail-oriented and budgets/reports? Come share your knowledge, talents, and skills to add to the effectiveness of running the PTA. We understand how busy parents are being parents and professionals. The great thing is, we have roles on the PTA board to fit everyone's busy schedules! Some roles only require 1 hour a month.

If you are interested, please complete the form below. Select any positions in which you might be interested in serving. Showing interest does not mean that you are obligated or guaranteed to be elected or appointed to the position. The current vacant officer board position is  VP of Programs. There are also several board committee chairs to be filled.

Thank you so much for submitting your information. Our Christie Kids are worth it!

OTHER: Committee Chairs. These are usually short-term commitments that require an administrative point of contact and leadership to guide the campaign.